Leaving Asus Zenfone 4 plans to update to Android 9 Pie (Update: New Surprise beta)

Asus does not have the best track record for updating the phone, but it really made an effort earlier this year it launched a beta version of Android 9 for Zenfone 4. Unfortunately, determination Asus has faded, and there will not be the end of the Pie update. He said Zenfone 4 will continue to receive maintenance updates Oreo. You know … if you still believe Asus.

Zenfone 4 Asus released almost exactly two years ago with Android 7.1 Nougat. This then gets updated to Android 8 Oreo and Asus promised at least one more increase in the system. It launched a beta version of Pie in June of this year, and that was the last we heard until now. Asus now says that to “preserve the system performance and stability,” it would not renew Zenfone 4 to Pie.

Zenfone 4 owners in the forum Asus allegedly disappointed by the change of plans. Asus note that users can still download and install Pie beta, but it’s a strange consolation. This software is unfinished and will not support renewal.

In an unexpected move, Asus has released a new beta version for Android 9 Pie in Zenfone 4 (ZE554KL). 1.75GB firmware can be downloaded from that page and pass it manually following the instructions included. Be careful though: it only for the worldwide version of the phone, so make sure your SKU is compatible before you do.

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